TIKKUN OLAM COMMITTEE - TBE's Social Action Committee

Temple Beth El's Tikkun Olam Committee provides opportunities for congregants to learn about and fulfill the mitzvah of "repairing the world."  This is done through a variety of community projects, such as coordinating food and clothing drives, participation in discussions on refugees and immigration, volunteering at a local soup kitchen, and assembling care packs for the homeless.

This year, the Tikkun Olam Committee is focusing on the issue of homelessness in the Greater Portland area. There is no denying that homelessness affects our city in myriad ways and the winter brings new challenges to the individuals in our streets and to the institutions that seek to aid them with compassion and dignity. The weather gets colder every day, our local shelters swell with people in need of assistance and so, the Tikkun Olam Committee has partnered with Preble Street to learn more and help more in the coming year.

For this reason, we will be changing our plan for Tikkun Olam programs and events as announced in our Program Guide.

In the past, the Tikkun Olam Committee has assembled care packs to be distributed to individuals throughout the community. Preble Street has informed us that our efforts would have more impact if we collect the care pack items, but then deliver them to Preble Street to distribute out of their shelter.. We therefore will be cancelling the coming care packs assembly days (Nov. 4 & Jan. 13) and instead will be kicking off a massive care pack item collection and winter clothing drive starting on November 4th. See below for a list of items.

Collection of items will culminate at our first Ask, Listen, Act on December 2nd at 11:00 am. Ask, Listen, Act is a discussion and lecture series with experts from around the region to help us understand the history and challenges of homelessness in Maine.

We will then kick off our initiative Spreading Light: Celebrating Chanukah through Tikkun Olam. During the 8 days of Chanukah, we will provide a number of Tikkun Olam projects to be shared with your family and friends.

Finally, all are invited to join us on Sunday afternoon, December 9th for a day of service at Preble Street Shelter (RSVP required in advance - ages 13 and up). We will deliver the care packs items and prepare a meal for those in need of a good meal. This is a great opportunity to practice Tikkun Olam, perform Mitzvot for those in need and serve our community as one.

Care Pack Items
Soft Tooth Brushes
Soft Granola Bars
Dried Fruit Snacks
Warm Socks
Travel-sized Toiletries (Shampoo, Soap, Deodorant, etc)
Water Bottles
Hand wipes
First Aid Kits
Gift Cards (for Coffee or Meals)

Please purchase items new and in bulk.

Donated Goods Receipts available for those who present a receipt to the TBE Office.

Donate - Reuse - Recycle

The Tikkun Olam committee has compiled a list of organizations, sites and websites that accept donations or offer guidelines on reusing and recycling household goods, furniture, electronics, clothing, non-perishable food and toiletries, and more. Please click here to view or download the document.

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