Temple Beth El is not only a place of prayer and learning, but a kehilla -- a community -- offering guidance, assistance and comfort throughout life's cycles and rituals.

Welcoming our children into the covenant
Our clergy are happy to recommend mohelim (specially-trained practitioners of circumcision) to perform for the brit milah, which is held on the eighth day of a baby boy's life. Parents may choose to hold the ceremony in their home, or in the synagogue. During the ceremony, the baby receives his Hebrew name, bringing him into the covenant of Abraham and Sarah.

SIMCHAT BAT - Rejoicing in our daughters
Our families customarily choose to create a Simchat Bat naming ritual, welcoming their newborn daughters into the covenant.
Welcoming our children into Jewish maturity
Children meeting our Hebrew School requirements and adults are welcome and encouraged to study for a Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Dates are arranged in consultation with the rabbi and our Education Director, who provide guidance throughout the process.


Rabbi Braun is available for consultation and discussion of all marriages. Conservative clergy may only participate in a wedding where both members of the couple are Jewish, however our clergy are happy to offer support and advice about the process to interfaith couples. For more information, please click here, or contact the TBE office at (207) 774-2649.

Temple Beth El couples have chosen to be married in our sanctuary, foyer, courtyard, or alternate location. We also invite you to have an
aufruf  (a special occasion of being called to the Torah) prior to your wedding during Shabbat services.


It is at times of great joy and great sorrow that we look for the embrace of our community. Temple Beth El's clergy, staff, and congregants would like to support you in your loss. Please call our office at (207) 774-2649 for more information. To inquire about making funeral arrangements, please click here to contact Cemetery Director.


Temple Beth El owns and administrates Temple Beth El Memorial Park, a cemetery for the Jewish community. TBE Memorial Park has a consecrated area dedicated to members of the Jewish faith as well as one dedicated to Jews and non-Jews who wish to be buried together. For more information about Temple Beth El Memorial Park, please click here to contact our Cemetery Director.


Temple Beth El maintains a database of Yahrzeit dates (the anniversary of the Hebrew date of death of a loved one) so that we can provide our members with a reminder of their upcoming yahrzeits observance. We hold a daily morning minyan service (at 6:50 am on weekdays) as well as Shabbat services on Friday evening and Saturday morning, so that mourners may say the Kaddish prayer.

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