Temple Beth El Strategic Plan

How We Got Here
The 5 Year Strategic Plan approved by TBE’s Board of Directors in April 2019 not only clarifies where we want to go as a congregation, but provides a road map for getting there. It consists of 5 main strategic priorities, implementation strategies for each, and specific actions we will take to achieve our goals. The plan has been informed by
community survey results, SWOT analyses by board members and committee chairs, research on trends in
synagogue and religious life in America, and in consultation with experts. The process of developing that raw data into a carefully constructed document required 18 months of hard work and dedication by Joan Levy, Jonathan Gelchinsky, Tova Mellen, Sarah Allenby, Kate Shalvoy, and Josh Filler, for which we are deeply grateful.

Plan Highlights
Strategic Priority I: Fostering an Inclusive and Supportive Jewish Community
TBE will be known for having an open, accessible congregational culture in which anyone with a genuine interest in Judaism or finding Jewish community will feel welcome and included.
Strategic Priority II: Enhancing External Communication and Outreach
Visitors to our physical and virtual space will feel excited about who TBE is and will want to join us!
Strategic Priority III: L’Dor v’Dor: Growing Temple Beth El’s Next Generation
At TBE, teens, millennials, and families with young children will find programs, educational opportunities, and physical spaces that enhance their connection to - and enthusiasm for - Judaism.
Strategic Priority IV: Building Long-term Organizational and Structural Capacity
TBE will have an ever-growing pipeline of lay leaders capable of conducting religious and educational activities; a physical space that is beautiful, functional, and inviting; and a financial model that will ensure a sustainable future.
Strategic Priority V: Increasing Member Recruitment and Retention
Both existing and potential members will feel a personal connection to TBE that motivates their sense of belonging and ownership in TBE’s future.

Putting the Plan into Action
A Strategic Plan Oversight Committee will be established. This group will meet 2 to 3 times per year to assess progress toward our goals and to produce a summary of their findings that will be available to our membership.
Some highlights of specific action items contained within the plan include:
  • Launching a new TBE brand including logo, web, social, and print materials
  • Establishing a new Membership Committee
  • Building renovations including (but not limited to) a newly redesigned courtyard
  • Expanding support and services for interfaith families
Ultimately this plan will be achieved by all of us, for all of us. 
Thank you for all that you continue to do to strengthen TBE and grow our beautiful Maine Jewish family!

Click the play button below to see a presentation explaining the Strategic Plan in further detail.

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